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Ghanchakkar schedule and tickets

Ghanchakkar Poster
Crazy and Lazy - Ghanchakkar

Hindi Movie - In Theaters From: 28th June 2013, Friday     Last Updated: 13th July 2013, Saturday (Nepal Standard Time)
Language: Hindi, Genre: Comedy, Length/Duration: 2 Hours 17 Minutes, Cast: Emran Hasmi, Bidhya Balan

Ghanchakkar (meaning crazy in english) is a hindi comedy movie directed by Rajkumar Gupta. Crazy Vidhya Balan (as Neetu) and Lazy Emraan Hasmi (as Sanjay) can be seen as husband and wife who lives a casual lifestyle. Emraan wants to retire from his career of crime but decides to commit one last crime with two very dangerous criminals Rajesh Sharma (as Pandit) and Namit Das (as Idris). They plan to rob a bank. Three of them together become successful in the bank robbery and collect a large sum of money. Emraan hides the money somewhere but then he loses his memory due to amnesia and could not remember later where the money was placed. The movie continues with the search of the stolen money and finally ends when Emran's mother calls him to say that the suitcase is still with her which he gave her 3 months back.

Ghanchakkar has mixed reviews according to critics. Some say that the director struggles to make the movie interesting and the climax is a complete bizarre. Whilst some say that it is a nail biting thrilling comedy with stellar performances of the actors.

Ghanchakkar has a total box office collection of 380 Million in the first week which was ann average. Ghanchakkar has a rating of 5.6 out of 10 (2049 Users) in IMDB and no scores found yet in rotten tomatoes.

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