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Zhigrana Movie Review

Zhigrana Movie Review
Zhigrana - A Psychological Thriller
Cast: Hanna Geschewski, Nikun Shrestha, Menuka Pradhan, Jyoti karki, Shanti Giri, Arun Regmi, Deewakar Piya, Bina Pandey
Rating: 4/5
Movie Review By: Anuj Ghimire

Pasang Lama’s Zhigrana is a sort of Psychological Thriller with a touch of humor. The movie builds up on a plot as such related to a horror movie, starting up with scene dating back to 19th century, with a ritual regarding human sacrifices in one of the villages of Nepal.

A group of Social workers along with a foreigner, working for the social organization active against domestic violence’s set up a social work in one of the remotest part somewhere outside Pokhara. The cinematography is top class with beautiful scenery and remarkable visualization of events and places. Most of the part is filled with humor, and every 10-15 minutes or so, a frightening scence comes up so that you won't get bored.

A group of Social workers leave for a village far away and with long history of a ghostly activities, unknown of what they’re waking into, in the midst of a time when an apparent ghostly serial killer is on the loose. The alleged murderer is a ghost that has been roaming around for a long time sacrificing humans in front of Kaali, who goes by the name of Kaal Panchami. The group gets stranded, and lost during the trek, walks into a unprecedented realm and directly into the danger.

Well, the movie isn’t scariest movie but, it does scare most of the people in few scenes, at least two to three scenes, some of them are funny too. There’s nothing bad about the movie to be honest, everything is done attractively, no boring and unnecessary or overacting as such. The only criticizable thing has to be the amount of blood loss shown while a person’s throat is being slit right around the Carotid artery. But apart from that, everything is almost top notch. The movie is worth the money and must watch, as it tries to take the initiative of bring Psychological Thriller into Nepali movie domain.

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