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CINE DE CHEF Civil Trade Center (CTC MALL) Ticket Price Contact Number and Movie Schedule

Cine De Chef Movie Theater
Cine De Chef - Photo Source:
Have you ever thought about the service similar to the 5 star hotel in a cinema Hall. Cine De Chef is the new cinema hall located at the Civil Trade Center (CTC mall) that is aiming to provide the services as that of a 5 star hotel where you can dine as well as watch movies at the same time. There will be two theaters or auditorium at Cine De Chef, one named as Cine and the other as Cine Dine. Regarding the seating arrangement at Cine De Chef, Cine Dine has the luxurious and comfortable leather sofas which are imported from China and Malaysia. These sofas have the built in back massager,mini beverage Cooler and bell for calling the waiter. In addition, you can order the items/food while watching movie with stand-by Cine Hostess at your services. Besides this, the theater also has two bars where we can get organic cocktails and mock-tails.

Cine Dine Sofas
Luxurious Sofa- Internal
The sound system and the projector used in the theater is imported from the Meyer Sound and Christie respectively both of which are well known US Companies. World famous band metallica and the Beijing Olympics event used the Meyer Sound.

Location: 7th and 8th Floor, Civil Trade Center, Sundhara
Booking Number: 01-4248402 or 01-4248403

If you do not find the show time for Cine De Chef in this page then go to our Now Showing page to get the latest show time for all the movies in major cinema halls of Nepal

Seat Capacity of Cine De Chef:
Cine: The "Cine" theater has a total seat capacity of 169. (40 Luxury Sofa and 129 Theater Seats)
Cine Dine: The "Cine Dine" theater has a total of 62 luxurious portable sofas which can be adjusted as per your seating requirements and comfort.

Show Time at Cine De Chef Civil Trade Center:
Coming Soon

Ticket Price/Rates of Cine De Chef (2D):
At Cine Theater: Ticket price ranges from Nrs. 180 - Nrs. 600
At Cine Dine: Range from Nrs. 400 - Nrs. 900
Click here to get the complete ticket price of Cine De Chef

Cine De Chef Ticket Booking:
The booking of Cine De Chef Movie tickets can be done via online or through the mobile apps.

Current Shows at Cine De Chef - Cine Theater and Cine Dine

Movie TitleDetails
Animal Length: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Language: Hindi

Last Updated: 30th November 2023, Thursday (Nepal Standard Time)
Movie TitleDetails
Animal Length: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Language: Hindi
Sam Bahadur (PG) Length: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Genre: Biography, Drama

Last Updated: 30th November 2023, Thursday (Nepal Standard Time) Official Website of Cine De Chef:


  1. It is good place to watch movies and others facilities. I like too much I always visit in this place. I think it is best for the 3d movie in the whole Nepal. Thank you big movie for give us opportunity to watch on advance technology (I gave new name to this theater :Big screen and good quality) 😍😍

  2. Is there aladin showing tonight

  3. Is endgame is showing tomorrow??

  4. There are alot of things CDC could change starting with the management skills. it's not the first time they have cancelled the show after we have arrived here to watch the show. We are business man working really hard. it's very rare that we get time for ourselves. finally when we are out after spending alot of money on Petrol and taxi we don't expect going home without watching the show. you guys should really work alot on your cinemas because if you see in long run you guys will be a flop Hall really soon. Anyways I just wanted you guys to know that I couldn't be more disappointed today. Sadly today you guys have definitely lost a loyal customer to your brand. I am going to make sure non of my friends, business associate or my family visits this Hall ever again until you guys feel sorry about what you have done and improve your management.
    Can't ever be more disappointed.

  5. We have inform you that we cant screen the movie if the footfalls are less than 4. This is standard rule in every movie theater. We do apologize but we have work under our ethics. Hope to see you next time with no complaint.
    Thank You