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iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall, Gongabu

iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall

iNi Cinemas - Lotse Entertainment is located at  Lotse Mall next to Gongabu bus park, Kathmandu. It has two auditoriums with the seat capacity of 240 each.

iNi Cinemas also has another theater chain iNi North Cinemas at the Karmacharya Complex, Gongabu Chowk.

Location: 6th Floor Lotse Mall, Gongabu Buspark, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Number: 977-1-4362683, 01-4364154
For Booking: +977-9802317400, +977-9802317444

Seat Capacity of iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall (Gongabu Buspark)

iNi Cinemas - Auditorium 1
Total Seats: 240

iNi Cinemas - Auditorium 2
Total Seats: 240

Show Time at iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall (Gongabu Buspark):
In order to see the exact show time for today click here - Now Showing

Ticket Price/Rates of iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall (Gongabu Buspark):
Weekday 2D (Monday & Thursday)
Morning: Nrs. 150
Regular:  Nrs. 300

Weekend 2D (Friday to Sunday)
Platinum: Nrs. 175
Premium: Nrs. 350

Tuesday/Wednesday Deal(All Day)
Platinum: Nrs. 190
Premium: Nrs. 190

  • Nrs. 50 Extra Charge for 3D

iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall Online Ticket Booking:
Visit the Official Website: iNi Cinemas

If you do not find the show time for iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall in this page then go to our Now Showing page to get the latest show time for all the movies in major cinema halls of Nepal

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Current Shows at  iNi Cinemas Lotse Mall Gongabu Buspark:

Movie TitleDetails
Pathaan (PG) Length: 120 Minutes
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Language: Hindi
M3GAN (PG) Length: 102 Minutes
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Language: English

Last Updated: 28th January 2023, Saturday (Nepal Standard Time)

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