Sunday, May 25, 2014

X-MEN Days of Future Past Movie Review

X men Days of Future Past
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence
Genre: Action
Director: Bryan Singer

The X-men are back, and this time, they're literally back into the past. The only superhero movie that never disappoints you has to be the X men.

This time the movie starts with torn out, war riddled future, where a bunch of super machines called the Sentinels are fighting against Mutants, the world we know of is destroyed and the Sentinels have taken over the world. The past is exposed by Professor X (Patrick Stewart) when he makes his entrance along with Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) and the Magneto (Ian McKellen). The professor then describes how Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) ends up killing Dr. Bolivar Trask played the TV series fans favorite Peter Dinklage. Who had a plan to create the Sentinels using a mutant gene, and how they end up catching Mystique and torment her, to get her DNA and create a super machine to kill the mutants themselves; from whom they're hiding that very instant while the conversation is going. Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) then transports Logan back to 1973, in a very unique fashion of Time Travel where his sub conscious mind travels back to past, while is older body is in future.

Back in the past, Logan wakes up in a hotel room with a girl, and lets not go into detail but we all know how it ends up when 3 guys break into the room. Then, as instructed by the professor, Logan goes to the Mutant school to find younger version of Professor played by (James McAvoy) who’s lives in abandoned school, which has been shut down for a long time, along with Hank ( Nicholas Hoult). After that incident in Cuba, he has now become an alcoholic reminiscing over losing Erik (Michael Fassbender) a younger version of Magneto. The professor of the past is not as wise as the one who sent Logan back into the future, after a hard time convincing him to help him stop Mystique from killing Trask, hank and the team then goes on to break out Magneto from the Pentagon secured facility where he’s been locked up for killing Kennedy! After breaking him out the start to search for Mystique who is hunting Trask, who finally finds him in a conference in Paris, almost kills him but he is saved by his device which beeps up when Mutants are around, he finds that out when Mystique takes advantage of her unique transforming ability to transform into an army official. The story then brings us back to the US, where Mystique tries to kill him again, and we all know how magneto is, he does intercept again, and changes the story a little, but Professor X who gets into Logan’s head and talks to his old self, manages to be strong about his inner feelings and convince Mystique to not kill Trask, and on a cliffhanger moment in the future where the Sentinels are almost about to attack future professor and team, which would mean disrupting the time travel, and then ending everything, but then the heroes always save the day . To know all of it, you've got to watch the movie; I don't want to spoil the best part for you. Like almost all X-men movies Days of Future past doesn’t disappoint you at all, though it lacks action as compared to previous movies, it does compensate for that with other aspects, mostly with Logan humor. At the end of the movie, the day is saved, the future is saved and the past…well you've got to go into the future and watch the movie as soon as you can! And apart from few confusing points, regarding what happened at the end of the Last stand with professor X the movie is good!

Ratings: 4 / 5
Review By: Anuj Ghimire

Official Trailer of X-Men Days of Future Past:

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