Thursday, July 3, 2014

Q's Cinemas at the Rising Mall - Another New Cinema Hall in Kathmandu

Q's Cinemas
New Multiplex Cinema hall in Kathmandu
For movie lovers, this would be a good news that a new multiplex cinema hall called Q's Cinemas is under construction at the Rising Mall, Teendhara Marga opposite to Royal Singhi Hotel and next to the Civil Bank. This hall is at the central location of Kathmandu near Durbar Marg and in proximity with the Jai Nepal Cinema hall. On this seven storied shopping complex, Q's cinema hall is located at the 5th Floor. There are two theaters at Q's cinema hall, one with 168 seats standard quality which is named as Q's Audi and the other with 77 luxurious comfortable sofas named as Q's Premium.

This hall is now all set to be public from August 22, Friday, 2014

Some Highlights of the Rising Mall:
On the basement of Rising Mall, Blue Bird Mart is stationed where you can get groceries, cosmetics, liquors, clothings, utensils and more.

On the first floor you can see "Being Human" store which is the center of attraction for Salman Khan's fans and lovers. All other branded clothes can be found at the ground floor to second floor.

On the third floor, there is a Chinese restaurant named "Zhongguo Flavour Chinese restaurant".

The Fourth Floor is taken by a bank and is booked for the corporate offices.

Fifth Floor will have 2 theaters.

- Parking Facilities, Food Court etc

Location: Teendhara Marg, Opposite Royal Singhi Hotel.
Contact No:  01-4169201, 01-4169202 (For Advanced Booking as well)

Ticket Price of Q's Cinema Hall:

Weekdays (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Morning Show (Before 10:59 AM)
Q's Audi: Rs. 180 Q's Premium: Rs. 300
Matinee Show (11:00 AM to 12:59 PM)
Q's Audi: Rs. 250 Q's Premium: Rs. 450
Regular Show (1:00 PM till Last Show)
Q's Audi: Rs. 300 Q's Premium: Rs. 500

Weekends (Friday to Sunday)
Morning Show (Before 10:59 AM)
Q's Audi: Rs. 220 Q's Premium: Rs. 350
Matinee Show (11:00 AM to 12:59 PM)
Q's Audi: Rs. 270 Q's Premium: Rs. 470
Regular Show (1:00 PM till Last Show)
Q's Audi: Rs. 350 Q's Premium: Rs. 550

Tuesday Q's Day
All Movies. All Shows. All Day Long.
Q's Audi: Rs. 200 Q's Premium: Rs. 350

Note: The ticket price listed here are taken reference from the Official Website of Q's Cinemas as of date 21st August 2014. Please visit the respective hall's website to confirm the ticket price.

If you do not find the show time for Q's Cinemas in this page then go to our Now Showing page to get the latest show time for all the movies in major cinema halls of Nepal

Now Showing Movies in Q's Cinemas AUDI & PREMIUM:

As per the directive of the Government of Nepal, all theaters will be closed from April 20, 2021 until further notice as a precaution against COVID 19. Official Website:
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